Extendicare Sunset

Financial Guidance

Where you live, what you pay and what type of programs and services will be available to you, will depend on the province in which you live, your care needs and the personal choices you make.

In Saskatchewan, long term care fees are set by the Ministry of Health. Fees are income tested, such that the amount a resident will pay will be determined by their monthly income. The minimum amount a resident will pay, otherwise known as an accommodation fee, is $1, 032.00 per month, and the maximum amount is $1, 964.00 (effective October 1, 2013). All residents are charged the minimum rate ($1, 032) in addition to 50% of their income between $1, 320 - $3, 184.

Resident will not be asked to disclose assets or sell their house to pay for their long term care needs. Residents’ accommodation charges may change on January 1 of every year depending on if the rate schedule changes. Rate schedules are adjusted on a quarterly basis to adjust for Old Age Security and Guaranteed Income Supplement.

To learn more click: http://www.seniors.gc.ca/eng/working/fptf/index.shtml